Taimur Ali Khan Mistakenly Identified As Sunny Leone’s Son

1. Who?

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It seems like Taimur Ali Khan has got some serious competition from other celebrities, and this time, it is none other than Sunny Leone’s son!

2. Where?

Whenever the fans spotted her with one of her twin sons, paparazzi and fans confuse her with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s toddler.

3. When?

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People around begin calling him ‘Tim, Tim’, which is Taimur’s pet name. Both the kids are equally adorable and it is not really the fault of the common people to confuse them with each other.

4. What?

Sunny Leone is known to be hands down and an extremely devoted mother to her children, and she has three kids with her husband Daniel Weber.

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5. Why?

On Father’s day, she recently made an Instagram post and she called Daniel “the best dad and husband ever.”