5 Annoying Questions Women Get Asked Way Too Often

1. Why are you alone?

Given that safety in India is a major concern, women often end up explaining why they are not home after dark. But sadly, it doesn’t stop there. When a woman is travelling alone or eating or shopping alone, she is still asked the same questions.

2. This job is not meant for women

Some profession like Journalism requires long hours of travel and sometimes entails even the lack a lot of regular day amenities. So many women on a daily basis get to hear from so-called well-wishers of the family and parents that some jobs are not meant for women and that they are better off not doing them.

3. Isn’t it time for you to settle down?

Most young single women say that this is the most irritating question that families, and extended families, ask.

4. Don’t you want kids?

If a couple doesn’t have kids a few years after marriage, people assume it’s because of medical reasons, and then, older women in social gathering either softly put forward the information that they know a gynecologist who can work miracles, or, eventually, suggest adoption. It is something that most Indian women have experienced.

5. Why don’t you behave like other girls/women?

This question silently gives away the fact that women and men are different and that women should behave in a certain manner. Over a pretty long period of time, women have been expected to behave a certain way, and though the codes of conduct have changed over the centuries, women are still expected to behave.