5 Tips For Travelling With Friends For The First Time

1. Be okay with alone time and together time

Make sure to set some time aside for your own and no matter how much you love your friend, you both still need some space to relax and explore a destination on your own.

2. Stick to a budget

A lot of problems might arise because of money. Also try sorting out meal situations before you go. If you each want to treat the other to a dinner, make a note of that in advance, so no one feels left out or like they need to contribute more.

3. Go on a group tour

Doing something with more fellow travellers can take some of the burden off of each other to make conversation and this way you are still hanging out together but also getting to know new people as well.

4. Think about the room situation

You might want to book your own room instead of sharing one if you’re so not a morning person and if you are a light sleeper,  it’s worth it to splurge on an extra room if you love the extra sleep.

5. Don’t take haste decisions

As a matter of fact, be sure that all of you are well-fed not stressed and not tired when making major or big decisions.