5 Health Benefits Of Farting

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5 Health Benefits Of Farting

There's a lot of social downside to this one, but these health benefits will encourage you to do it a lot more

Yes, you might be recalling all your most embarrassing moments you've had till now while reading this. And you're not wrong. Farting in public has gotten a lot of laughs and unforgettable responses. 

Despite the nasal insults it gives to people, passing gas has a lot of advantages. From a time long forgotten, humans and other creatures have lived happily letting out their burdened airs. 

Despite coming thousands of years down the line of evolution, farting has remained a core biological function. And here are the seven reasons why farting is beneficial for your health. 

1. It reduces the stomach's bloatedness 

Try recalling that feeling of fullness and discomfort in your stomach after a big meal. Bloating is that uneasy bodily swelling. It is usually caused by the unreleased gas. Its a the gas waiting to be released. Farting can instantly remove that problem for you. 

2. It indicates your gut and good bacteria are healthy 

Never underestimate the power of good bacteria, and they do need gas. The microbes in your gut are essential for a number of digestive processes. If we did not feed them gas, these microbes would die. So if you have a normal farting rate, it shows your gut is in good health.

3. Smelling your farts helps you live longer

The repulsive smell which makes big rooms either too silent or too loud with accusations - is actually good for your health. 

The smell comes from Hydrogen Sulfide. Its a gas we produce in small amounts, and studies say that it can prevent illness and aging in humans. We undergo cell damage everyday, and this smelly gas (only in small amounts) can prevent that damage. 

4. It is a great alarm system

A lot of what's going on inside your body can be understood from the kinds of gas you pass. Fart's quality, and the characteristic can help you predict your health. Unhealthy characteristics of farts include: extreme smell, pains when passing gas, and an increasing frequency. These symptoms may help diagnose anything from food intolerance to colon cancer.

5. It helps you balance your diet

Different kinds of food produce different farts (bare with us, please). If you rarely pass gas, you probably need more fiber and foods like lentils, beans, and kale in your diet. At the same time, red meat produces a lot of smelly gas - in that case, it tells you if you need to cut back on those kebabs. 

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