5 Movies Which Censors Banned In India

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5 Movies Which Censors Banned In India

The censors could not digest these movies!

Indian censor board has quite often objected to many movies and they have also banned quite a few of them. The reason for banning these movies have varied but the fact is that Indian audience were deprived of choosing what they can watch and what they cannot. Here’s a list of 5 most controversial movies which the censors banned in India.

1) Sins (2005)

This movie involved the depiction of how a priest from Kerala fell in love with a woman and gets physically attached to her. The Catholics felt that the movie was offensive to their beliefs and the censor board was also not comfortable with some of the explicit scenes in the movie.

2) Bandit Queen (1994)

This movie had everything which the censors hate. The story is based on the life of Phoolan Devi and the censors could not digest the explicit scenes, verbal abuse, and offensive remarks in the movie.

3) Kama Sutra - A Tale Of Love (1996)

Kama Sutra is one of the most famous erotic books written in India by Vatsyayana and is celebrated worldwide. The movie, however, was not allowed by the censor board to be released in India. Somehow, they called the movie ‘unethical’ which is strange as the book is Indian and so is the concept.

4) Unfreedom (2015)

This movie involved a lesbian love story as well as Islamic terrorism. The censors could not digest the fact that two women could fall in love and were shocked by their love scenes. They reportedly said that this movie was "igniting unnatural passions" which was clearly not true.

5) Gandu (2010)

As the name suggests, this movie could never have passed through the censors. The movie contains a lot of explicit love making scenes and is filled with verbal abuse. It was shot in black and white and was a fusion between rap music and movie.

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