5 Places In India Where Indians Are NOT Allowed To Go

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5 Places In India Where Indians Are NOT Allowed To Go

Do you know that there are places in India where Indians themselves cannot go?

As an Indian citizen, you are sllowed to go anywhere in the country, right? Well, not exactly. There are some places in Indian which do not allow Indians and it sounds strange but it's true. So, let's take a look at 5 places in India where Indians are not allowed.

1) Red Lollipop Hostel, Chennai

Red Lollipop Hostel has a 'No Indian' policy. It does not allow Indians to stay in the hostel. Indians with foreign passports, however, can stay at this hostel. It is strictly reserved for foreigners only and serves only on the basis of your passport.

2) Free Kasol Café, Kasol

Many people are aware of the 'No Indians' policy of Free Kasol Cafe in Kasol, Kullu District. This may not be completely true as they do not state such a policy but numerous visitors have complained about their discrimination as they welsome foreigners but do not entertain Indian tourists.

3) Uno-In Hotel, Bengaluru

The hotel was made to entertain and lodge the growing population of Japanese people who visit the city for business and other purposes. It was inaugurated in 2012 but the Municipal Corporation of Bangalore forced it to shut down as it was discriminating against Indians.

4) Sakura Ryokan Restaurant, Ahmedabad

This is another restaurant which does not allow Indians. They serve only Japanese people and the owner applied the rule of No Indians after the servers there complained that Indian visitors often made them uncomfortable by staring.

5) Russian Colony, Kundankulam

This Russian colony is completely prohibited for anyone but Russians who work at the nearby Kudankulam nuclear plant. It is a self-sustained colony and the Russians say that people are barred from entering because of security purposes.

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