5 Reasons Why Relationships Today Don't Last For Long

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5 Reasons Why Relationships Today Don't Last For Long

Not only are the celebrity couples splitting up back to back, but even in normal life we often hear stories of how people who've stayed together for long are ending their relationship. It hurts.

It is easy to say 'I love you' to the person we love the most, but what is hard is to sustain the relationship that comes after. We don't really realize that relationships- no matter married or not, come with commitment, understanding, and patience to work out the odds. The outcome of which looks really ugly and sad. Ever wondered why is it that couples are finding it hard to stay in a relationship for a long? Here are five points that tell.

1. Hard To Stay Committed For Long

There are two kinds of people- ones who are afraid of commitment and the other ones who freak out after committing. It becomes impossible for the person to commit to a relationship because most of them start feeling bounded and trapped. 

2. More Interested In Casual Dating Than Serious

It wouldn't be unfair to say that casual dating really are fun to be in. It is so because people do not have to deal with emotions and feelings while enjoying the company of their partner. Therefore, once things start becoming serious in a casual dating, couples freak out and complicate things.

3. Emotional Dependency Has No Role To Play

To be emotionally dependent on partner is not an easy thing to do today, as most of us are trying our hardest to be emotionally independent. The whole 'I don't need anyone and I am enough for myself' attitude generally gets misunderstood, because when in a relationship, to be emotionally dependent on each other is of utmost importance.

4. No Time For Fixing What Is Broken

Looking at how fast things are changing around us, with all of wanting to be on top and successful, we do not really find time for things that we have taken for granted. Relationships for many becomes the least priority as they believe it makes them weak and restrains them from excelling in life.

5. Different Expectations And Life

It is very rare to find someone who share the same mentality and have similar expectations. Today, no partner would want to sacrifice for the sake of relationship because they strongly believe in equality. However, little do they realize that a relationship can only work when both the partners decides to find a mid-way solution, and agree to equal compromise and sacrifice. 

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