5 Reasons You Shouldn't Fall In Love

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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Fall In Love

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feeling in the world. It might take take you to cloud nine and the feeling is so powerful that it could stand against all odds and cause you to swallow your pride. But, like fire, love can be either constructive or destructive. If love inspires you to become a better person then you should treasure the feeling, but if it causes your world to fall apart, then it is tragic. So here are five major reasons you should not fall in love. 

1. You don't have a stable source of income

Once you fall in love, you begin to dream of dating with the person and even starting a family with him/her. Hence, planning and practicality 

2. You have not moved on from your past relationship

It is still possible to be attracted to a person while you are still into someone else. Hence, if you have just come out of a long relationship and have not totally let go of your ex yet, then you should stop entertaining feelings from any any other man or woman. 

3. You are not ready for a commitment

The feeling of infatuation is often confused as the feeling of love. So, if you know that a person like you but you are not ready for the kind of commitment it means to get into a relationship, then its best not to get into a relationship. 

4. If the person is committed to someone else

It is definitely very wrong to be in love with someone who is in a relationship with someone else You are already cheating on your current partner since you are being dishonest with him/her and you are also deceiving yourself. 

5. You know very little about this person

Liking a stranger is an exciting feeling because he or she seems to be very mysterious, but this can also be pretty dangerous since you have a little idea of who the person really is. True love is not based on thrills or adventures and if you want to be wise then you have to take time to know the person before anything. 

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