5 Things All CHAI Lovers In India Have In Common

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5 Things All CHAI Lovers In India Have In Common

What is common between all chai lovers of India? Well, find out!

India is a country of chai-lovers. Morning, evening, or night, a cup of hot steaming chai is always welcome. No matter where we are or what we are doing, a cup of chai seems to solve all problems for us. The love of chai is one thing that bring many people in India togather and there are 5 common things between people who love their cup of tea!

1) You simply cannot wakeup in the morning without tea

Admit it! If you are a chai lover, you cannot wake up in the morning if there's no tea. If chai gets over at your house, you can run a kilometer to buy some chai but would not feel fresh unless that sweet delight fills your stomach. Chai is more important than the sun.

2) Chai pe charcha

While Prime Minister Modi may have popularized this concept, all chai-lovers have been doing chai pe charcha ever since they drank they first cup. Chai is the best way to take a break and talk with your friends, family, and colleagues over the most random things in life.

3) That special pan in which you make chai

You have to admit that of all the pots and pans in your house, there is one pan/pot which is your favorite for making chai. It may be old and dented or in really bad shape but the taste of chai from that pan is unmatchable.

4) Pakode lana!

Who hasn't dreamed of sitting in the rain with a hot cup of chai and asking someone else to get some freshly made pakodas. This is a dream of all chai lovers and they even go to hill stations just to live this dream.

5) Judging those who don't like chai!

While not everyone may do it but most of us chai lovers secretly wonder how can someone not like chai? And we especially hate the places which make bad chai. Frankly speaking, chai is our lifeline and we deserve the very best, all the time.

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