5 Things Every Delhi Girl Does

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5 Things Every Delhi Girl Does

Every city has its own beauty, culture, and peculiarities that make each one of them different from the other. Similarly, each city churns out its own kind of people.

Delhi is famous for a lot of things- some good and worse. Even though it is a place that is rich in culture and has people dwelling from all around the world, there is something extremely unique about those who are born and brought up in Delhi. Delhi girls are famous for their 'Delhi-ness' that they possess and no matter where they go in India, they stand out of the crowd for these 5 reasons.

1. They Can Swear Louder Than The Vehicle's Horn

Even though we really cannot blame Delhi girls for this, as there are creeps spread like cockroaches in every street and corner, but there is no one born yet who can beat the innovative ways of swearing with that roaring voice like Delhi girls. Honestly. 

2. They Have Insane Bargaining Skills

The vendors might get tired, but there is no way Delhi girls are going to give up when it comes to bargaining. It is a skill we believe are innate in all those who are born or have stayed in Delhi for a long time. It is actually quite a great skill to use when traveling to other parts of India.

3. They Have That 'Tone' While Speaking

It can get a bit annoying to hear the 'tone' in which most Delhi girls speak in. It is like their signature tone and way of speaking that make them stand out of the crowed, even if the crowed includes people from different parts of India who can speak the same language. 

4. They Do Not Mind Being Too Loud In Public

The rowdiness and boldness are those things we find in Delhi girls while they are on the phone in public. Even if they are talking to a friend, boss or colleague, eves-dropping becomes hard to avoid even if people are not interested.

5. They Rock 'Sarojni' Like Zara

Most girls from all around the country envy those who live in Delhi for this one big reason. There is no other place like Sarojni in India, and only women know the value of it. This is the reason why only a true Delhite woman can pull off the outfit bought from Sarojni with a label of Zara on it. It requires an unbeatable talent to pull that off, BTW.

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