5 Things Women Don't Know About Men

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5 Things Women Don't Know About Men

Women often think that they know men, in and out, but if only they knew that men too have things that they are smart at keeping behind the curtain.

Who is better? Men or Women? This question has been fought over a lot of times and never has it ever been settled with a concrete answer. It is so because both men and women are humans and have their own flaws and secrets. Still, they think that they know and understand the opposite sex better. But the truth of the matter is that there are a lot of things both sexes do not know about each other. Let's have a look at these 5 things women don't know about men.

1. Men Want To Feel Vulnerable

Women like to believe that men are cold when it comes to feelings and emotions. Well, the societal perception of it tells the same, however, it is not the true case. Men also feel light and better when they cry after having a stressful and bad day at the office. It's just, they are not expected to show it to the world or even to themselves. 

2. Men Love Compliments

It is not just women who like to hear how beautiful they look, or how talented and kind they are. Men too are blessed with some amaizing qualities and beauty which they would like to get noticed for. 

3. Men Prefer Solving Problems Than Talking About It

It is true that men really do not like to hear about the problem on and on again, but that does not mean that they do not care. They have a different approach when it comes to tackling problems-they look for the solution rather than talk about it. 

4. Men Know When You Are Faking 'It'

Most women think that men do not really know when they are faking the orgasm. However, it is not really true. Men do know that their partner is faking it, and wait for them to direct or guide them. 

5. Men Think About The Future Too

Who likes to take responsibility when they are not ready? Men usually take a long time to prepare their mind and heart for any kind of responsibilties. But, they do think about the future and whether or not their present life fits appropriately in their future planning not.

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