Five Most Important Questions To Ask On First Date

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Five Most Important Questions To Ask On First Date

Finding someone to go on a date with is a real struggle in the first place, but, the true challenge that lies ahead is to find the right person to take the dating thing to the next level. To know whether they are 'the one' or not, here are five essential questions you shouldn't be hesitant before asking.

1. "What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve?"

If you want to be on the safer side, you should definitely ask this question on your first date. Why? Is that you wonder? Well, what if your date's biggest peeve is someone who talks a lot? or, someone who slurps? This question can possibly save you from doing any of those on your very first date. 

2. "What Is It That You Like Doing In Your Free Time?"

You can learn a lot about a person by knowing what do they like doing when they have free time. It is a good way to start a conversation that have high chances of making things interesting. 

3. "What Makes You Happy The Most?"

There is something about this question that hits the right place in heart. Asking someone what makes them happy makes them feel that their happiness matters. It is a good way to make your date's heart melt.

4. "What Is The Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done?"

People are crazy and they do crazy things, and what makes knowing them even more interesting is by the way they talk about their experiences. 

5. "What Is That One Thing You Are Still Waiting For It To Happen?"

If you want to keep the conversation interesting and going, bringing this question up will only help you know more about your date, and if the thing that they are waiting for is within your reach, you can probably win their heart by making it happen!

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