How To Use WhatsApp Fingerprint Security

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How To Use WhatsApp Fingerprint Security

After the new update, WhatsApp users can choose from a number of new features and it also includes a fingerprint lock.

WhatsApp is going to provide an extra layer of security to its users with their latest fingerprint lock option and it is available both on Andriod and iOS. Here are five things you must know about the latest fingerprint feature provided by WhatsApp. 

1. What is the feature

This feature will help the users to add that extra layer of protection to save their chats from getting hacked or being snooped in by someone else. 

2. Which OS Does It Support?

The latest update provided by WhatsApp brought the feature for the android users and previously the feature had been earlier introduced the feature on iOS devices.

3. How Can I Use The Latest WhatsApp Feature?

Actually it is very simple to use the feature. After you have update your app or your phone, based on the kind of update your device needs, go to Settings >Privacy>Fingerprint lock. From there, confirm your desired fingerprint in order to complet the authentication process. Once you have completed the authentication process, only you will be able to access chats by authenticating using their fingerprint.

4. Will it be possible to reply from the notification bar on WhatsApp?

Yes, you and other users who might have access to your phone will still be able to eply to messages from the notification shade and answer calls even when the app is locked. 

5. Additional Features

WhatsApp users who have used this app frequently can also select the option of delaying the fingerprint lock and they are available in the interval of Immediate, After 1 minute, and After 30 minutes.

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