Top 5 Things Every Indian Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

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Top 5 Things Every Indian Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

If you are an Indian girl, you must be tired of hearing these lines!

Indian girls keep hearing a lot of useless things from people around them. They may be in school, college, or working, but they get to hear these five things from people all the time. The fact is that Indians love asking questions and giving free advise, especially to women, even when they don’t want it. Here are the top 5 things every Indian girl is tired of hearing.

1) Who are you talking to on the phone?

You can literally hear your parents voice every time you are on the phone with anyone: “Who are you talking to?” For some reason, parents in India cannot leave their kids alone and if it’s a girl then they will keep asking who she is talking to over the phone. Very annoying, right?

2) Where are you going all dressed up?

God forbid if a girl dresses up and goes outside. All hell breaks loose! Where are you going? Who are you going with? When will you come back? Is your friend going to be there with you? How many girls are going to be there, and how many boys? Haven’t you heard it all?

3) You should learn how to cook.

If you are an Indian girl and you don’t know how to cook then you must have heard this line a thousand million times: “You should learn how to cook” And you must be tired of asking: Why should I learn to cook? Despite the fact that you don’t NEED to learn how to cook, this statement gets thrown at you every time.

4) Is that what you are wearing?

Indian girls are simply tired of being judged over what they wear. Why can’t they simply wear what they want to wear? So, this question/statement gets thrown at them every time they decide to put on a dress or anything which is not completely ‘sanskari’: Is that what you are wearing?

5) When are you getting married?

Everything aside, Indian girls have just had enough of this stupid question: When are you getting married? Well, for one thing, it is no one’s business when the girl is getting married and no one should dare ask them this question again. Agreed?

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