Top 5 Things Indian Couples Are Afraid Of

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Top 5 Things Indian Couples Are Afraid Of

Indian couples are really annoyed at these 5 things!

Couples in India, married or not, face a lot of difficulties. While all of the following may not be true for every couple, most couples face certain situations which is scary and annoying. India has progressed a lot but there are still a few things which the society does not accept completely. Here are the top 5 things Indian couples are usually afraid of.

1. Public Display Of Affection

Indian couples are scared of expressing themselves in public. And it is true because there are a lot of people around them who frown and make faces when they express affection for each other. Forget kissing in public, some people also bother couples if they are simply hanging out in a park.

2. What Will People Say

This is the scariest line for an Indian couple. From nosy-neighbours to parents, they are wary of everyone. They are not free to be themselves and express their love freely because in the back of their mind, they keep hearing a voice which says: “Log kya kahenge?” (What will people say?)

3. Joint Family Meetings

Meeting each other’s family could be a tiring job but it is even more difficult in India. When Indian families meet, they come in large numbers. Uncles, aunties, nephews, nieces, grandparents, neighbours and everyone they know comes to meet the couple. Of course it becomes extremely scary to meet such a large group of people who is sitting there judging you.

4. Judgemental Landlords

There is no one worse than a judgemental landlord. These nosy house owners do not care about what’s happening in their own house but are very interested in what’s happening in your house. They want to know if you are married or not, if you have boyfriends or girlfriends, when did you come into the house, when would you leave, and everything else. Indian couples, especially unmarried ones are terrified of these landlords.

5. No Privacy

Indian couples are most afraid of the fact that they get no privacy at all. When they go out, they are surrounded by friends who want to know every detail. At home, they have family members who do not leave them alone. And outside, there are nosy people who want to know everything the couple is upto. It is true that the couple needs privacy but they don’t know how to find it.

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