Why Is Visakhapatnam called Vizag

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Why Is Visakhapatnam called Vizag

Known as the financial captial of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is a beautiful city and it is also the state headquarters of Indian Coast Guard. When the Britishers came to India, they had a lot of trouble pronouncing the actual names of the cities. They made Mumbai as Bombay, Kolkata as Calcutta, Bengaluru as Bangalore, etc. Similarly, Visakhapatnam was changed to Vizag and we bring you five facts you did not know about the city. 

1. The city got its name from Lord Visakheswara Temple, which is now located beneath the seawaters. When the British started building a port along the natural harbour here, they pronounced the original name as Vizagapatam, which later on shortened and became Vizag. 

2. Some others say that the city is named after an officer 'Mr. Walters' who was stationed here first when the East India Company started settling down in the area. 

3. Others suggest that the name of the city has origin from Telugu word 'Wada Theru'. Wada means town and Theddu means Oar. Since the majority of the population back then comprised of fishermen, it might be called “ValaTheddu", which subsequently turned into Walatedu and Walteru and finally Waltair.

4. Another interesting fact regarding the origin for the word is “Paala Teertham". Even though this word seems a little far-fetched, but if you have seen the gorgeous beaches of Vizag before this pollution began to set in, we can all unanimously agree that it was a sight to behold. Paala means milk and eertham means a sacred place located near a water body or a river. Looking at the foamy waves that the beaches make in Vizag, the origin seems quite legit. 

5. The most simple origin of the word till date is said to be “palletooru", which became anglicized to Walletooru, and through common tongue, it reached to Waltair. 

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